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Tyler Knight

// lead vocals

Enoch Johnson

// drums/background vocals

BJ Spencer

// piano/background vocals

NEON TOBOGGANS is a dynamic variety hits band that takes audiences on a nostalgic journey through the best of 1990s-2000s pop, rock, alternative, country, and Christian hits, with a special emphasis on pop classics. Comprising the talents of Tyler Knight, Enoch Johnson, and BJ Spencer, this trio came together in 2019 during an open mic night in Sherman, TX, forging a musical bond that went beyond their individual backgrounds.


Tyler, known for his captivating performances on social media and his renditions of the U.S. and Canadian national anthems at prestigious events like MLB games and ECHL hockey matches, brings a compelling vocal prowess to NEON TOBOGGANS. Drummer and background vocalist Enoch, also one half of the rap duo DapperSol, adds a unique and diverse musical perspective to the mix. Pianist and background vocalist BJ, with a history of teaching bass guitar, piano, and voice lessons, contributes his versatile talents to round out the band's sound.

Founded in North Texas in March of 2023, NEON TOBOGGANS quickly gained traction on the local music scene. Their impressive track record includes performances at a variety of venues, from bars and bar and grills to creative arts centers, fundraisers, churches, and special events. The band has garnered consistently positive reviews, with audiences praising their ability to create a lively and engaging atmosphere at every show.

NEON TOBOGGANS made waves with the release of their debut single, "Strong Enough," in the summer of 2023. The track has amassed over 5,000 streams, predominantly from enthusiastic listeners in the USA and Germany. Beyond the digital realm, the single found its way onto numerous radio stations worldwide, showcasing the band's global appeal.

At their dynamic shows, NEON TOBOGGANS encourages the audience to join in, fostering an interactive and vibrant atmosphere that distinguishes them from the rest. With more music currently in the works, this talented trio is poised to continue making waves and delighting audiences with their infectious energy and diverse repertoire. Keep an eye on NEON TOBOGGANS as they carve out their unique space in the music scene, one unforgettable performance at a time.

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